How Gpurify works

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In regular UV air sanitizers, air goes past the UV lamps at high speed, not allowing enough time under the UV rays to get an adequate UV killing dose.  The patented photolytic chamber contains several hundred tubular units, which are made from a unique material which allows UV rays to pass, but not germs. 

Simple UV lamps will not kill all the germs unless exposure time is boosted. The extended germs capture time increases UV kill power up to 100X over UV alone.

This design, which is used in critical hospital disinfection system eliminating bacteria, spores, and other viruses.

How Gpurity Works

The Technical Explanation:
The biocidal technology is a solid-state germicidal irradiation system which utilizes C band ultraviolet light (UVC) at a 254 nm wavelength diffused into a solid media which is gas and radiation permeable. The media design allows for maximal airflow and surface area. While organisms are slowed or trapped in the solid media, they are inactivated by the internal UVC dosage. This has the effect of increasing the inactivation efficiency over prior UV technologies.

The ultraviolet lamps are completely sealed within the unit, so there is no risk of exposure of room occupants to UV radiation, which can be hazardous. The unit has been independently tested for UV emissions under international standards. The device also does not emit ozone.

The device contains a unique photolytic chamber, with randomly oriented transmission elements which is a patented Aerobiotix technology, to improve the efficacy of ultraviolet decontamination. This system is used in critical hospital applications on a global basis.

Unlike prior devices which depend on passive air currents to expose airborne pathogens, Gpurify contains internal fans in the ultraviolet chamber.

All units are Proudly made in the USA!

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