Gpurify G-600 Air Purifier


Boost Safety and Peace of Mind with Gpurify G600

The G-600 is a powerful commercial grade room air sanitizer.  While HEPA filters just trap some viruses and bacteria, our system eliminates viruses, bacteria, and spores from the air that pass though... even those below .3 microns (µm).  Currently this is the only air purification technology to eliminate this highly threatening disease. This patented process was tested and validated by prestigious Battelle Research Labs.  In fact, this technology is used in major hospital surgical rooms today. 

  • Inactivate viruses and bacteria
  • Up to 600 square feet in coverage
  • State of the art photolytic technology with patented system
  • Safe for use in occupied areas – no unsafe UVC emission
  • Set on table or mount to wall in minutes - easy wall mount kit included
  • 3 Year limited warranty
  • Made in the USA – All Steel construction

Protected by US Patent Numbers 9,433,693 and 9,457,119 held by Aerobiotix, Inc. 

UV Lamps

Replace the UV lamps (P/N: L1-0040-1) every 8000 hours of operation or approximately every 2 years.  Sooner if indicator lamp fails to illuminate.  See detailed instructions in the Product Manual.

CAUTION: Use only genuine Gpurify G-600 replacement filters and lamps to ensure proper filter fitment and function. Failure to use specified products voids warranty.

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