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Environmental Equity Childcare Study on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)


Gpurify Research Study Underway with a Special Report in Fall 2023

Gpurify has launched the most comprehensive Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) study to achieve environmental equity for all childcare centers.  Gpurify is currently working with dozens of childcare centers from urban, disadvantaged, suburban, and rural locations across Ohio measuring and comparing Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Testing will comprise both outside and inside air utilizing scientifically recognized devices to secure accurate measurements of viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold, pollen particles, and live bio loads before and after treatment to compare actual effectiveness.  The goals of the study are as follows:

 Phase One (Fall 2023):

  • Establish clear benchmark for various economically situated childcare centers.
  • Analyze the impact of various childcare IAQ environments.
  • Outline a path to inclusive and equitable IAQ environments.

 Phase Two (Fall 2024):

  • Understand how AIQ impacts attendance of students and staff.
  • Identify non-IAQ factors impacting environmental equity.

Sean Geehan, CEO of Geehan Group's Gpurify division explains, “After working with over 100 childcare centers it’s quite clear that we must develop a plan to create a safe and healthy indoor environment for all children which includes a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. This study will provide the data and insight to address the inequities that impact indoor air quality and children's health, regardless of their economic background, race, or ethnicity.”

This comprehensive Environmental Equity study will continue throughout the summer with research results and findings of phase one to be shared in a special report in the fall.

For more information or to participate contact Todd Imwalle, VP Childcare IAQ Specialist: 937-760-6009, todd@gpurify.com, or visit www.gpurify.com.

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About Gpurify
Gpurify provides safe and healthy environments for all children, seniors, staff, and families in childcare centers and senior living communities. We work with our customers to optimize indoor air quality and other factors that impact overall health.  We are steadfast in our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in these areas. Additionally, we assist our customers in securing grants that help offset investments in maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all.