NEW Ohio Childcare $15K Grant Delivers Peace of Mind to Your Preschool's Staff, Students and Parents.

Grant Process

This program is available only to Ohio employers that operate licensed preschool through 12th grade educational facilities including County Boards of Developmental Disabilities, Educational Service Centers, Public School districts (including charter schools), and Private Schools (including licensed pre-K schools). Eligible employers may receive up to $15,000. Geehan Group can assist in assessing, recommending, and ultimately providing grant qualifying solutions, so there is no cost to your organization. 

How it Works

Select Solutions

Our in-house specialist provides facility-specific recommendations to meet your facility’s needs and state requirements.

Grant Application Process

Geehan Group provides preparation assistance of all aspects required for grant approval. Simply complete and return our Intake Form and we can get the process started. 

You simply complete open areas, sign, and submit application.

Grant Approval / Air Quality Solutions in Place

Ohio BWC sends approval letter to your organization followed by grant payment.

You send us your air purification unit order/payment and we ship them directly to your facility.    


To see how easy it is to apply for your free grant money,
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